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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SNMP API for Java Developers

If you are involved in development of SNMP based network management and monitoring solutions using Java technology SNMP4J API (Open Source) is good enough. But if you want commercially supported library for extensive development give a try to WebNMS SNMP API 4 by ZOHO Corp (formerly AdventNet Inc.). WebNMS SNMP API has some unique features like IPv6 and relational database support. Additionally it provides high-level bean components such as, SnmpTarget, SnmpTable, SnmpPoller, TrapReceiver for easy application development.

Key Features of WebNMS SNMP API are as follows

Multi-lingual support: Complete support for SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.

SNMPv3 security: Support for HMAC-SHA-96, HMAC-MD5-96, CBC-DES, CBC-3DES, CFB-AES-128, CFB-AES-192, CFB-AES-256 bit encryption.

Robust SMIv1 and SMIv2 MIB Parser: Seamlessly parses the MIB definitions from any OEM vendor. Offers various flavors of parsing based on the MIB definitions.

MIB Loading: Option to load MIB definitions from a pre-compiled file, a Serialized file, or a Database to boost the performance.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) support: Provides connectivity with IPv6 and IPv4 based devices.

SNMP Broadcasting: Broadcasts snmp packets across the network to auto-discover snmp devices in the network.

SNMP Beans: Provides high-level bean components such as, SnmpTarget, SnmpTable, SnmpPoller, TrapReceiver for easy application development.

Database support: Provides scalability by storing MIB definitions and SNMPv3 configuration data in any relational database such as, MySQL and Oracle.

MIB Browser: Tool for administering network and system components. Can be run as a stand-alone application or invoked from a web browser.

Command line utilities: Perform SNMP operations such as, SNMP GET, SNMP GETNEXT, SNMP SET, SNMP BULK, SNMP WALK, etc. on remote agents.

You can download trial version of WebNMS SNMP API from following link

There is also a free version (without support) of WebNMS SNMP API which can be downloaded from same link mentioned above but it lacks some advanced features like EJB support,MIB browser tool and some others. Get complete datasheet from here.
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Good to know Depesh and thanks for the download information.
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